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Cirmy is a natural design brand for personal well-being. A reality born from the idea of creating sustainable, innovative and excellent Cirmolo wood products.

Every single piece is 100% Made in Italy and made of untreated solid wood: to bring all the beneficial properties of living wood into your home.

All products can be treated with stone pine essence: a constant forest scent that promotes relaxation of the body, peace of mind and quietness of the spirit.

Bring the wellness of nature into your daily life with Cirmy!


Concern for the environment and attention to our living habits have grown significantly over the years, making our daily choices increasingly thoughtful and conscious.

That is why, for Cirmy, attention to personal well-being always comes first.

Each product is designed with the aim of bringing greater well-being into daily life. A few simple gestures for a life on a human scale.

cirmy benessere
cirmy natura

The presence of the natural element is fundamental to achieving well-being. As the protagonist of this journey, Cirmy has chosen the natural element par excellence: wood.

It enhances quality of life and improves mood, promoting balance of body and mind.

Humans have always needed to be in contact with nature, but today’s lifestyle often leads them away from it.
Cirmy has chosen to bring nature into everyday life, creating products for people who want to feel better, work better and live better.


Every choice is in favour of humans and environmental well-being.

Cirmy has always promoted the local production of master craftsmen working with recyclable or entirely natural materials.

A philosophy that is not only conveyed with the finished products, but also encompasses the entire production chain, including environmentally friendly packaging. Cirmy uses only PEFC-certified wood and every element in the products can be disassembled to facilitate proper waste separation.

Simple design, timeless products, high quality. For a sustainable lifestyle, in real terms.

cirmy sostenibilità
About us



Super creative and designer.  You will always find me in the workshop designing and making new products.



Tireless and precise, I take care of the order department, manage shipments and customer service.



Always with a smile and ready to help you with any request, I closely review all our projects.



In Cirmy, I am the man behind the scenes but they told me that if I wasn’t there they would have to invent me!
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We attach importance to the territory in every aspect.
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Benefits of Swiss pine

benefici del cirmolo

The Swiss stone pine (Swiss stone pine) is a conifer with extraordinary therapeutic properties. Its characteristic sweet scent, not too strong, enhanced by its balsamic resin creates a magical environment.

One of the most interesting aspects is undoubtedly the one linked to the beneficial properties of this wood known since the most remote times. The persistent scent of its wood can decrease heartbeat and promote relaxation, therefore it is a perfect ally for a good rest.

It is also an excellent antibacterial.

Studies conducted at the Austrian research center Joanneum Research have scientifically demonstrated that Swiss pine has a positive effect on stress reduction and the body’s ability to recover.

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