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Ninnaò, designed to provide well-being during sleep, helps to relax body and mind. Apply it to the flap of your pillow and be enveloped in its delicate fragrance. The essences it contains, as well as having antibacterial properties, will give you a pleasant multi-sensory experience.


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The product has a 24 month warranty.


Wood is a unique, durable material with an unmistakable scent.

Naturally elegant, wood is the material of choice for stylishly furnishing any room. An environmental choice for those who care about their own well-being and that of the planet.

Cirmy creates environmentally friendly design products with PEFC-certified Cirmolo wood, 100% Made in Italy. Each product comes from continuous research to ensure a unique relationship between design, technology and sustainability.

The benefits of Cirmolo

cirmy commune with nature
cirmy abbraccia natura



Take full advantage of the qualities of Swiss pine with our organic essential oil.


100% designed and manufactured in Italy: from raw materials to partner companies.


In untreated solid pine wood, to maintain all its properties.


Designed to be disassembled and recyclable. Sustainable right up to the packaging.


The product has a 24 month warranty for repair or replacement.


Wood from certified forests of South Tyrol against deforestation.


What will you find inside the package?

  • 2 Stone Pine wood Ninnaò from South Tyrol, 4 x 5.3 x 2cm.
  • 1 Cirmolo essential oil 10ml 100% natural and organic certified.

Our packaging is sustainable and 100% recyclable. We personally recover shavings from the processing stages, which we use as packaging on some products. They can be reused to stuff your cushions or bags for night relaxation. Zero waste, 100% natural.

Each of our products comes with a 24-month warranty and service.

emotional ninnaò cirmy

To enjoy a deep and relaxing sleep, apply the perfumer to your bed pillow by putting a drop of Cirmolo essential oil into the cotton insert before going to bed.


For a more intense fragrance, use additional drops of our Organic Cirmolo essential oil, as desired.


Technical specifications

Stone Pine
80 mm
0,3 kg
80 mm
80 mm
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Benefits of Swiss pine

benefici del cirmolo

The Swiss stone pine (Swiss stone pine) is a conifer with extraordinary therapeutic properties. Its characteristic sweet scent, not too strong, enhanced by its balsamic resin creates a magical environment.

One of the most interesting aspects is undoubtedly the one linked to the beneficial properties of this wood known since the most remote times. The persistent scent of its wood can decrease heartbeat and promote relaxation, therefore it is a perfect ally for a good rest.

It is also an excellent antibacterial.

Studies conducted at the Austrian research center Joanneum Research have scientifically demonstrated that Swiss pine has a positive effect on stress reduction and the body’s ability to recover.

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