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Cirmy designs products that help you feel good in every moment of your life without disrupting your routine.

We know how important it is to take time for oneself but very often it is difficult and we have to fit in a thousand daily commitments.

This is why every product made fits perfectly into every moment of the day, providing relaxation and well-being combined with a strong mix of sustainability, excellent materials, craftsmanship and innovation.


Every choice we make is in favour of human and environmental well-being.

We have always promoted local production with our master craftsmen using recyclable or all-natural materials. This philosophy is not only conveyed in our products, but also in the entire production chain, down to our environmental packaging. We only use PEFC-certified wood and every element in our products can be disassembled for proper waste separation.

Simple design, timeless products, high quality for a sustainable lifestyle.

cirmy sostenibilità
Excellent materials in skilled hands

The use of natural materials such as wood is a key element in every Cirmy project.

Wood is a material with vital properties, which are preserved even after felling, thus contributing to the well-being of the spaces we live in, increasing our quality of life and improving our mood. Multiple benefits for body and mind in a collection of Cirmolo wood products, 100% Made in Italy.

We actively collaborate with local craftsmen who combine their expertise and sensitivity with a focus on design and promoting fair trade.

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It is not always visible but it is at the heart of what can make a product sustainable: renewable energy, low environmental impact to safeguard our well-being but above all our planet.

Cirmy strives daily to make this possible: from choosing certified natural raw materials, to working with local craftsmen and producers, to using technology to create low-consumption products that adopt a circular economy model.

Cirmy - Timeless products

A smarter, more sustainable lifestyle in a transmission perspective, never going out of fashion. Manufactured from recyclable or all-natural materials for a simple, high-quality design that grows with you.

All this is possible thanks to the heart of Cirmy: the Cirmolo wood. A wood that improves sleep quality, combats stress, and improves physical and mental well-being. This is how our products were born: to help people feel and work better.

Cirmy in three words? Designed for living.


Materials and Certifications - Freedom


Eliminates viruses in few time.


Eliminates up to 85% of particulate matter in the air.


It kills 80% of bacteria in less than 100 minutes.


It does not cover up bad odours but breaks them down.


Eliminates up to 85% of mites in the air.


It eliminates more than 90 per cent of NOX and 50 per cent of VOCs.

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We attach importance to the territory in every aspect.
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The benefits of Stone Pine

benefici del cirmolo

The Stone Pine (Cirmolo) is a conifer with extraordinary therapeutic properties. Its characteristic sweet, not too strong scent, enhanced by its resin with balsamic power creates a magical ambience.

One of the most interesting aspects is undoubtedly the beneficial properties of this wood known since ancient times. Its lingering scent can decrease heartbeats and promote relaxation, so it is a perfect ally for good rest.

It is also an excellent antibacterial.

Studies conducted at the Austrian Joanneum Research Centre have scientifically proven that stone pine has a positive effect on stress reduction and the body’s ability to recover.

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